First InDesign Creative

 After watching a few tutorials on YouTube, I finally got to try out an InDesign program. I have to say, it is not all that hard to work it and learning a thing or two about the program can only make me more valuable when looking for a job! Here is the final product of about two hours work.  I refused all the help I was offered, because I wanted to learn how to use the program myself.  I am glad I did this one all on my own.

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NSE flyer_2


Finished Feature Story Project

This is a third and final edit of the Feature Story Project.  I have cut out some interview material, added much more b-roll, added more effects including lower-thirds.  This project is done with Premiere Pro CS6 and with time, I am getting much more comfortable working with this program.

I am very excited that I am finally done with the project 🙂

Progress of Final Project

So far I have selected the clips of on camera stand ups that I want to use for my project and have somewhat cropped and edited bits and parts. I still have to add the B-roll that I shot of actual beer brewing in action, FIU Hospitality building on BBC campus, as well as the beer brewing classroom. I will upload another video in the morning with B-roll inserted as well as lower-third effects, dissolve and fade ins and outs.


Please follow the link to see the video in progress:

Apple’s Shout Out to Users

I love the simplicity and tactic of this ad.  When watching the ad you can see that the ad is attempting to promote the personalization and identity aspect of MacBook Air, rather than the product itself.  I also wonder how they made this ad, since stickers change on the mac, but the mac doesn’t move. I wonder if they added the stickers with editing program. They probably did.

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Finalizing Final Project for Multimedia Class

 Hello readers! Well this week was certainly a hectic one. For the past few days I have been working a lot as well as finalizing projects for my summer classes and also studying for tests. It’s that time of the year when I am so tired that I could pass out on the floor, but I have to make the best of my schedule and turn everything in time as well as show up alert and beautiful at work. 🙂

So this week I had been struggling with Premiere Pro, putting my projects together, locating and utilizing effects, as well as converting my mega files; then, as if I didn’t have enough problems, while playing back the interviews I recorded, I realized that there will be a lot of editing involved, because interviewees made a lot of mistakes or unnecessary pauses that I had to delete in order to make my project professional. I was also confused with setting up preferences for Premiere Pro, because in class we have been working with Final Cut Express, which I do not have access to outside of school. The fact that I work mostly during lab hours have prevented me from using Final Cut Express as much as I needed and therefore I had to get my brother-in-law to come over with his laptop that has Premiere Pro CS6 installed. At the end, I think I will be alright and promise to keep my readers updated and entertained.