Green Screen: Long Way to Victory

This week, my buddy Jason and I scheduled our time at school’s studio, to shoot the on camera Chroma Key project.  I have never imagined that learning a 90 second script would be this challenging.  I went over and over my script, but realized that while I knew what I wanted to say, unless I know my script word for word, I wouldn’t be able to successfully record my on camera shot.  While I was happy that Jason was done within matter of minutes, I kept getting my text wrong and was getting furious as our studio time was running out. I couldn’t believe how different we actually were.  Jason was able to talk on camera and improvise, while I would immediately stop talking, once I went off my script.  On our day two at the studio and after 90 minutes of torture I finally got my script right and we were done!  At that moment, as relief flowed through my veins, I realized what an amazing job actors do and how talented they really are. Then I got home and while I drank a cup of hot tea, I decided to cross off acting from my “bucket list”.


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