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Entertainment Report using Chroma Key

Here is the final product of my Chroma Key Project. While the project took many hours to shoot the final product makes it all worth it.  We used school studio with green screen, Canon camera, tripod and lavaliere.  For editing, I used Adobe Premiere Pro and my professor’s talent in helping me edit. 🙂

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Green Screen: Long Way to Victory

This week, my buddy Jason and I scheduled our time at school’s studio, to shoot the on camera Chroma Key project.  I have never imagined that learning a 90 second script would be this challenging.  I went over and over my script, but realized that while I knew what I wanted to say, unless I know my script word for word, I wouldn’t be able to successfully record my on camera shot.  While I was happy that Jason was done within matter of minutes, I kept getting my text wrong and was getting furious as our studio time was running out. I couldn’t believe how different we actually were.  Jason was able to talk on camera and improvise, while I would immediately stop talking, once I went off my script.  On our day two at the studio and after 90 minutes of torture I finally got my script right and we were done!  At that moment, as relief flowed through my veins, I realized what an amazing job actors do and how talented they really are. Then I got home and while I drank a cup of hot tea, I decided to cross off acting from my “bucket list”.