It’s Recording Time!

The time has come to write scripts, reserve equipment and locations, schedule interviews to finally shoot videos.  With only three weeks left in the semester, timing is everything and there is no time for unplanned shenanigans.

I started feeling a sore throat on Monday and thought it will be over by next day. Well, Tuesday was a day in hell.  I thought I was going to land in hospital with the fever and aches that I was having. I spent the entire 24 hours in bed with the back pains barely tolerable and fever shooting through the roof.  Yet, I was more worried about school assignments that are due, than about hospital.  I eventually decided that fighting this “sickness” on my own was silly and popped couple Advils to help me with the pain.  After several cups of hot tea,  I started to feel better.   I woke up today and while my that still burns, the fever and pains are gone.  I was able to get up and go to class where we started one of the many projects today.

Jason, Natalie and I were strolling around campus, shooting our pan, tilt and voice over videos. While everyone did fine with the pans and tilts, shooting voice overs in video was a different story.   I don’t know if it was the fever that was getting to me or lack of talent, but I was having a hard time recording my on camera video.  My tongue was tangling up and I was getting frustrated. On the other hand, Jason was a natural. He took ONE shot and it was a winner.  If he wasn’t my friend, I might have gotten jealous.

At the end, I am happy that I didn’t get more sick than yesterday and that I had a voice this morning (which was crucial for my on camera shot).


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