Introduction to Video Production

This week we were introduced to software, Final Cut Express.  We will be using it for Chroma Key project (using green screen) and Feature Story project. I am still unsure how to use the software, but I was able to find a tutorial online that should help me and any other novices out there to figure out how to work with the software (embedded below). There are many more tutorials available on YouTube.
We were also introduced to recording equipment that we will be using for the projects.  The week went by slow, but deep down I know that things will soon pick up. There are a few projects due in matter of weeks.

For the Feature Story project, I want report on how to make YOUR OWN beer. Isn’t that a cool story?  As the matter of fact, a lot of people make their own beer.As far as Chroma Key project, I am still unsure as to what I want to do.  I might do a fun story on how most of the people I know/ meet, don’t know where Lithuania is, but they pretend that they do.  Others make a crazy face and try to pronounce “Lithuania” again, while asking where in the world that is.  And how surprised do they get when I tell them it’s a country in Europe. 🙂




  1. If this is your personal post for the week, please remember it needs to be a minimum of 150 words to receive full credit.

    • Hi Professor, yes this was my weeks blog. I completely forgot it had to be 150 words. I just updated the post, please review.


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