Audio Editing with Audacity

This past week at school, we were introduced to audio editing program, Audacity.  Professor Sandhouse used a prerecorded raw commercial voice overs and edited it to show the class how to remove unwanted sounds, pauses and how to add royalty free sound track. I should say, the program is cool, useful and truly simple to use.  I can see myself using this program in both professional environment and for personal use.  The reason we are learning to use this program is for an upcoming class project; we will be assigned two voice overs for radio spots ( with script provided) and then edit it to sound as professional and as close to real radio advertisement as possible.  Actually, I wish I would have taken this class last semester, when I had Hispanic Market Seminar.  For that particular class, we had to create a very extensive project about hispanic market, and our strategy included radio infomercials. I would have loved to have known about Audacity and the wonderful ease of editing audio files with it.

If any of you readers come across a project at school that requires you to record, edit and present a voice over or audio track, you should get Audacity. It will make your project so much better and so much more professional. Possibly, you could add those edited audio tracks to your portfolio when you’ll go searching for a job in the industry.

You can find an extensive list of video tutorials on Youtube of how to work with Audacity.

Good luck everyone  and thanks for reading!

Please comment or share your thoughts about Audacity or other free audio editing programs.



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