All That Editing

This week has been very productive and busy.  I got an internship at a cool branding company, went to visit my family and learned a lot of editing at school. 

I’ve been waiting for a career opportunity and finally landed an internship in a promising company. I’m holding my fingers crossed that it would turn into paid position. But in order to get it, I will have to work hard. 

At school, we’ve been busy learning all kinds of editing features on iMovie and Photoshop.  The project I posted earlier was for my Multimedia Production class. We took pictures in HD format, edited images in Photoshop, added some text and royalty free music and the end result is a very cool still image video.  I can see using same format for future projects.   

What I really enjoyed learning was editing with Photoshop. Somehow I’ve been postponing learning Photoshop for years and years. I have my professor who’s eager to help and a very patient friend, both available in assisting me in my first steps with Photoshop. 

While this is far from being perfect, I took this picture from Friday’s squash game and edited out my horrible bruise and dirty wall. 
Practice makes perfect, so I will keep practicing and experimenting new and cool features both on Photoshop and iMovie. 





stay tuned. 

comment and share ideas!




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