Hands on Photoshop

So today I actually got to edit some pictures on Photoshop.  I really loved the learning experience and how much can be done on Photoshop. Here is what I did today:

Here’s a picture of Jason I took couple weeks ago.  For this shot, I used healing brush for few blemishes and auto contrast to give his face a nice glowing color.





I took Natalie’s profile picture that I also took a couple of weeks ago and used clone stamp to remove the flash from her sunglasses and cropped the head room.



This is edited image:

img_0017 copy

The following are the images I was given to edit by professor.

For this picture, I decided to try out black and white layer, also added some color adjust and cropped the image to land the girl on the rule of thirds.



For this picture of a couple talking, I decided to do free transform to tilt, auto contrast and cropped the head room.



IMG_3743 copy




For this shot of a girl, I simply cropped the tree out and applied auto color, auto contrast and auto tone. Her hair looks brighter and the tree isn’t distracting from the main focus of the picture – the girl.


here is how it looks edited:

IMG_3742 copy

For this picture of a couple in front of a red figure, I got to use content aware tool and to remove that figure from the bottom right corner of the picture. I also cropped the picture, to center the couple.


Here’s the edited image:


This picture is actually of my professor Sandhouse who runs marathons (in blue t-shirt and blue cap).  For this picture I decided to apply the following tools; auto color, crop and free transform to tilt.

Gator Gallop 2009 3

Here is the edited image:

Gator Gallop 2009 3

For this image of “workout gang”, I utilized the following tools; content aware (to remove yellow tape) and crop to center the group.

Clone Stamp

Here’s the edited image:

Clone Stamp copy

For this image of a group of friends, I used content aware tool to remove mail box, brought up saturation to add color and cropped the sky to give image some balance (rule of thirds).


Here’s how the edit turned out:


For this picture of a woman, I decided to use red eye tool to remove red eye glare, added color to the face with a burn tool and cropped the image.


Here is the final result after all the edit:

IMG_1195 copy

For the couple’s shot, I decided to use clone stamp to remove reflection from camera flash and applied auto contrast, auto color and auto tone which evened out the colors and brightened up the couple.  I decided not to tilt the image, because I actually liked the tilted buildings in the background.


Here’s the edited image:


Girls group shot: this image looked fine to me so I simply cropped it to center the group and added auto contrast to bring out colors of the shot.



IMG_1218 copy

So here is all that I learned/ edited today. I am pretty proud of myself.

Please share your ideas about the most useful tools in Photoshop as well as what would you have done to the raw images.

Cheers !


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