Right To Be Forgotten

This week I found an interesting article about our privacy and visibility online. We all know that once something goes on the internet, it is there forever. But, this week history was made in Europe. Apparently, the European Court of Justice had ruled that Google and other search engines are responsible for removing unwanted links if requested. In other words, people have a “right to be forgotten”.  In truth, I think that this ruling is great. Up until now, Google and internet overall had it’s own rules about what stays online and what people can see.  It truly can ruin people’s reputations. Just imagine being tagged in a silly picture when you are 17, and then trying to find a job years later. The image might still be somewhere on the internet to be found by employer and might as well burn your chances for landing a job. 

Follow the link below to read more on the article and share in the comments what you think about this ruling.



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