Upcoming weeks

This week, in multimedia class, we went over class schedule for the next few weeks. I always loved hands on classes, but frankly, in collage, I haven’t had too many of those. It’s usually reading the book, watching boring Power Points, memorizing a bunch of terms and facts and then taking quizzes where only one answer is right. But this class is an exception; next week, we are going to bring our cameras and go outside and take pictures then edit them in class and post them on our blogs. So you’ll see them here next week. Anyways, I actually never took a single photography class, so this should be cool learning experience. Who knows, maybe I got skills. 🙂

Next week I will finally get a real lecture on Photoshop and iMovie, so I will share my insights on both of those as well. If I make something cool, I’ll post that creative too.

Happy Memorial Weekend!


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