How About That

As I sit in front of a borrowed MacBook, I reflect on the week that has just passed.
Last Monday, I started summer class for Multimedia Production.  I had been waiting to get into that class for couple semesters, looking for an open spot in a particular class with professor Jay Sandhouse.  Professor Sandhouse has been praised among students for being the best professor in our communications program. I personally had been pleasantly surprised and also disappointed by the professors at my school.  There are those that make you fall in love with the course and make you want to learn and hope that the class doesn’t end any time soon; and then there are those who aren’t qualified to teach at university level. Now, that I was finally enrolled in the class that I heard so much about, I was very excited for the class to actually start and to hear the professor talk about what we will learn.  As professor spoke, I grew more and more excited by a minute.  I learned that professor is truly very passionate about the course and teaching students, as well as knowledgable and experienced professional in a field.  Basically, he doesn’t teach from the book, but rather from his own experience, which has proven to me over the years to be the best kind of learning.

The projects awaiting sounded quite amazing. We will be working outside the class with borrowed equipment from school, creating videos and audios with royalty free music, green screen and so much more. Then we will be editing our own work and publishing it on youtube.  Great things to add to portfolio when looking for a job.

Now, as weekend approached I organized a party for my friends with poolside barbecue.  The house where the party took place in, is a property of a relative which is bigger than the house I am renting.  The weather was nice and I was excited to see all my friends together again.  I was running crazy serving food and didn’t really have time to enjoy the party myself.   As I finalized the clean up, I drove back home and was shocked to find my home burglarized.  Thieves took my irreplaceable laptop that was full of school work and pictures from two years of memories. They also found their way to my jewelry box and took everything that had both sentimental and face value.  As I sat shocked and broken hearted, I tried to imagine what the thieves will do with my property… that didn’t give me any resting peace.  I had hard time falling asleep or walking in or outside of my home.  I didn’t feel neither safe in it, nor safe leaving my home unattended.  Now, couple days since the incident, I replayed the scenario in my head over and over again.  I realized that it could have been worst if I would have come home early and found the unexpected ‘guests’ in the midst of their work. While I am upset over the lost items and memories, I know that those are only material things and memories of things I have already done and work I have already completed. They didn’t steal my education nor my experiences. I am still a happy, healthy and beautiful person, and I will remain strong and educated individual that makes living by working hard and making wise choices. I believe that in life we all have opportunities to chose our path and how we want our lives to turn out. And even though this year has been very crazy and rather unpleasant so far, I chose to believe there is something quite amazing waiting for me along the way.  Thats the difference between me and low lives that burglarized my home.


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