Lecture: Successful Marketing Strategy. Where to Begin?

A video of an amazing lecture by Simon Sinek was shown to me by my dear professor Grizelle De Los Reyes, professor at FIU, who herself is very inspiring mentor.  The video talks about branding and reveals what “golden circle” in marketing is. This TED Talks lecture talks about the everyday marketing  and why it doesn’t stand out among others. The lecture reveals the most important part of successful marketing strategy that is used by very few, but successful marketers.  The answer to great marketing strategy is in the tiny word, why.


Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek says that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.  Basically, people don’t buy a computer from you, just because you make it, they buy the computer from you because of why you make it.  Tell your audience the story of why you are selling what you are selling and you will succeed in making them want your product.  Watch the lecture by clinking the link provided above and get inspired. 


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