Books for Emerging Advertising Professionals

During the time I studied Advertising at FIU, I came across a few books that made an impact on my overall thinking and understanding. 

Here are some of them:



This book teaches you the things to know before communicating your message to mass audience. This book if full of laws, their interpretations and past cases.  Good source of general laws.




This book is brilliant. It reveals the process of creative advertising steps and strategies to a winner campaign. 
When out of ideas or methods to brainstorm and to get the team started, refer to this book.



copyright: Justina Greiciute

And last but not least, is a book that concentrates on a very important task of copywriting, that can be purchased here.  This book is great not only for students and novices but also for professionals, revealing strategies for creating sticky slogans, integrated campaigns and so much more. 

These are just a few books to be named for being able to open your eyes and jump starting your brain. 

Please leave comments below, for any additional reads that helped you in your creative thinking and advertising career.


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