Acknowledging Growing Markets


According to Census Bureau (2012), there are currently 16.9 % (over 53 million) Hispanics/Latinos in United States. By 2050, projected Hispanic population is expected to grow to 103 million.  According to M. Isabel Valdes book, Hispanic Customers For Life, Latinos are younger compared to median age of total U.S. population, which explains why in the next decades, Latinos will be fastest growing ethnic group. In addition, Hispanics buying power currently, is 1.38 trillion.  Considering all these facts above, marketers must get ready to target their marketing to growing Hispanic markets and potentially redesign and/or create new products aiming to win Latinos hearts. Isabel Valdes book mentioned above, also covers the emotional and cultural aspects of Latinos to help marketers understand this ethnic group better.

To learn more about Hispanic markets, you can purchase additional reads, such as Hispanic Marketing by Felipe and Betty Ann Korzenny.


The books I am recommending are the ones that I personally have read for school and helped me understand the industry better.  They are the ones among the many that stood out and seem to me worth reading.  In no way am I being compensated for recommending these books and therefore, I suggest you to search for cheaper websites/bookstores to purchase the reads that you find interesting.


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