Selling Yourself to Get Hired

In 2013, I attended seminar series at FIU, for digital marketing strategies that were held by COO of Optimum7, Duran Inci.  Optimum7 is an Internet Marketing Company that helps companies to build brand visibility on internet as well as manages their reputations and offers many more marketing services.

During the second seminar, Duran Inci spoke about the ins and outs of reputation management and here is the recap of it.

It isn’t a secret that getting a good job or an internship these days is more of a challenge than it use to be.  Professionals are expected to have Twitter, Linked In and Facebook accounts to name a few and all these accounts must be maintained and appealing.  It turns out that 45% of employers use Twitter to find talent/employees, 80% use LinkedIn and 50% use Facebook. With that said, these online profiles should grab employers attention and interest in you. Duran Inci’s advice is to “create presence online” and to “fix the reputation” if the current reputation is damaging.



Duran also points out that any pictures of you online are saved forever and while you might go back and delete them from your profile, they will still remain online, visible to search engines. So what there is to do? Limit picture posting and tagging to yourself, so that friends wouldn’t be able to post something without your knowledge/approval.  Second, write articles for blog posts, your school, Huffington Post, or any institution/professional site, to gain visibility and authorship. To help yourself remember to write online, create reminders or schedule to stay on track.   Having online visibility and professional ties to your name online with serve you as a selling tool when you’ll be looking for a job.

Here’s an example of Twitter account I created after this seminar:

professional twitter


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